Tuesday, October 6, 2015


I posted a response to this article at the Daily Caller a while ago, and got a response back.  My response to the response started turning into a blog post, et voila'.
My personal experience leads me to the conclusion that the whole for-profit education industry is one giant Chas. Foxtrot. I was working at an F.P. in the Baltimore MD. area when the Senate report came out. We were told that because of it, there would be no more performance evaluations, therefore no more performance based raises, just COLAS.
Our numbers had dropped due to the economy, and they were cutting corners madly. Changed all the degree programs so they only needed people with Bachelors degrees to teach, not Masters. They also found ways to let the (expensive) full time faculty go, and replace them with much cheaper adjuncts.

Good times...
This was the response, from
Was it your intention to sing the praises of for-profit school?
You did. Quite nicely.
Abolish all not-for-profit schools. Let the free market work it out.
To which I replied:
Don't see how you got that I was "singing the praises of for-profit school".  I wasn't, in this case.  None the less, I agree with you about letting the market sort it out. That would start with getting Fed and state gov't out of the student loan and "standards" biz.
And let NFPs compete. In the same market. My education was "private" (Catholic), and a good one, worth the money. Of course, that was pre-gender/enviro/deconstruction nonsense.
The other problem I saw reminded me of the question of the 80s, when Japan was eating our economic lunch:
What do Japanese companies have that Amrican companies don't?
Japanese workers.
The FPs here in Pa don't seem to have a great pool of candidates from which to draw. And that's the problem.

We need better students.

Question du jour... (Updated for Neid's Dead Horse!)

Serious question - under the Constitution, why should it be OK for Catholics to forbid birth control and abortion, OK to allow Jews to practice Kosher, but forbid Muslims from following Sharia?

This is a law question, not a "Muslims are evil question". (They may well be, but that is another discussion...)

Update - As always, ask a question, get an answer, of sorts:  Nied's Dead Horse (@mflynny)  seems to think I'm advocating for Sharia.  I'm not  At.  All.

But, as I proposed to her... Dearborn Mi votes in Sharia as the law of the town.  Chaos ensues.  (You know it will.)  Suits are brought against it by the few sane people left there.

What are the legal grounds for overturning the Will of the People?

Or, to put it another way, what keeps them from turning our laws against us?

It's starting already - "If you put up a Nativity scene, you have to let us put up an anti-nativity scene!!!"

I think it's an important question, and I haven't seen much about it.

Oh. And I guess I should always expand some on why I'm asking a question.

My apologies to @mflynny.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Buy A Nun A Book Day... Bumped as a Reminder!

...is approaching.  I'm consulting my nunnish sources, but all the evidence points to Real Soon - September 17.  Once again, I will be sending books to the good sisters who taught me in my callow youth.

I won't have time to consult this year (my bad), but I'm sure I can find a few books that might interest them!

It's a nice way to say "Thanks"!

Sunday, September 13, 2015


I just didn't feel like trying to post anything for Patriots' Day (9/11) this year. I'm rather news-averse these days, what with all of the seriously bad insanity going on all over the world.  But today, I found this and needed to share:

You can see the rest here! 

Thanks to  weaselzippers and KLFY!!

Sunday, September 6, 2015


Doonebury pretty much nails it:

deVry in Long Beach was actually civilized.  But I discovered that, here in Eastern Pa, we seem to be considered as interchangeable parts. Plus, the students are more 'problematic'.

I don't really miss it. Which I find sad, because it used to be the most fun I could have with my clothes on.

Saturday, September 5, 2015


So, the appliance dealer seemingly couldn't get a replacement door for my fridge, so he offered me $100.00 to close the 'ticket'. I accepted, and with that money, ordered a new motherboard, CPU and memory for the 'media' computer.  Amazon did their usualy spiffy job of getting it to me, it was here when I got home from work last night.  Just for fun, I thought I'd install the memory, CPU and heat sink last night. I didn't feel up to the challenge of doing the whole job, so I thought I'd gut the case and install the new guts today.

Or, not.

The heat sink attachment set up is a new one to me. Instead of the old spring loaded clamp mchanism, this one has two spring loaded hollow pins that fit through two attach points on the heat sink, then snap into the motherboard. They're held in place by a second pin that gets pushed through the first pin to anchor it.

So, no new media computer today. I pinged AMD (the CPU manufacturer), to get a kit sent out, and let Amazon know that the order was missing a part. I received a reply from AMD saying they had opened a trouble ticket.
 This is an automatically generated email, please do not reply.
Dear Customer,
Thank you for contacting AMD Global Customer Care.
We have created a Customer Care Support account based on the details you submitted with your service request.
A separate email containing your service request reference number will follow.
Thank you for choosing AMD!
Best regards,
AMD Global Customer Care

This is an automatically generated email, please do not reply.
Dear Customer,
Your Service Request has been received and will be processed shortly.  Depending on the nature of your inquiry, further automated messages with additional instructions might follow.
Service Request: {ticketno:[xxxx4114]}
We thank you for your patience.
Best regards,
AMD Global Customer Care
 We shall see...