Monday, June 23, 2014

Not Good Morning Mail

This was in my in box today:
 Hi Lee, Jennie was in a car accident in Billings this evening.  She was taken to the hospital and the Cat Scan was ok.  She is really shaken up and will be sore for a while.  She thinks her car is totaled.  John and Becky went to the crash site - I think there were multiple cars and the accident was on the news.
She is staying at John and Becky's tonight-they are leaving on a trip tomorrow.  I will either fly up tomorrow or she if she can fly here to recuperate.  She was supposed to move to a new home tomorrow.
Jen will call you tomorrow-she didn't want to call you in the middle of the night.  I will keep you updated.
Love,  C
I talked with her a couple of hours ago. She is still shaken, but otherwise OK. She's probably going to be stiff & sore for a while. Her car may or may not be totaled, depending on the cost of the repairs. If John was correct, and he found a piece  of the crankshaft, that is a given.

Three cars - her, the one that hit her, and the one it bounced off of.

Apparently everyone walked away.

I wish I could get out there...

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Last Two Weeks in Job Hunt Land

I have been looking for adjunct or full time teaching gigs ever since I didn't get called back two years ago. Last year was pretty much a loss, because on the five months of down time due to my back and the surgery. During that two years, I'd also applied at the local post office to be an RCA - "Rural Carries Associate".  Applied, tested, interviewed, then nada. I found out that the openings were cancelled.

I re-applied for the RCS position when I saw a new posting. Got interviewed, and have actually received an offer. During the paperwork phase of the offer, and just for completeness, I checked the "Yes" box in answer to the question "Do you have any back issues?" I don't think I really do these days, but the idea of them finding out about my back *after* an on the job injury just seemed fraught.

So, I have an appointment to see my doctor Tuesday, to have him sign off on me or note any restrictions.

Whilst all of that was happening, I've had two interviews at locals schools to which I applied for adjunct positions. I believe that offers will happen. That belief is based on the transcript and background check requests from both schools - the official crossing of Ts and dotting of Is they need to do before they can make an offer.  Which are not requested if an offer is not on their agenda.

The more I think about it, the more I prefer teaching. Actually, I'll be driving just about as much. but  the pay is better, and the schools are quite nice. Much better than ITT. I am also assured that a 'large' class is 10 students.

Still being grateful, and prayerful, in my own odd way.

Maybe I'll have a roof and heating oil this winter!!