Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Isaac and Katrina

Forbes (at Drudge) reports that Isaac could rival Katrina.

Here's the track cone as of about 40 minutes ago:

I wonder if:

  ...people will actually evacuate this time?
  ...if the school buses will be used this time?
  ...the levees will hold this time.
  ...the Governor will ask the President to activate the National Guard?
  ...the FEMA response time will be any better?
  ...if the idiots who weren't prepared last time are any better prepared his time?

My bets:
  Doubt it.
  Jindal?  Yea, most likely he will understand that he has to do it in order to get
  the National Guard rolling.
  Doubt it (they were within normal operating parameters the last time - about a
  week to get boots on the ground.)
  Doubt it.

Stay safe and dry, everyone!


...jumps shark?

Well, aliens, actually.

He's been in the tank for the Dems since the git-go, but this one has me confused.  Of late, he's been using Dem talking points as the basis for his strips - see this one, for example.


Color me confused... is he seriously saying that Hillary's brand of diplomacy will appease the putative aliens?  Or, that outsourcing and downsizing them wouldn't work?

Friday, August 24, 2012

Latest Sintestrosphere Shorts-Wadder-Upper

Call for peaceful change of Oval Office's occupant, or call for his assassination?  The sinestrosphere thinks it's the latter.

I think the former, and I like it!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Childish Things...

I'm re-posting a comment I made over at Gerard's in response to this:

"OK. Both the coat and the pants are too short. The coat should fall to the first knuckle of the thumb, and the bottom of the cuff should *at least* be down to the top of the shoe (break optional).

First thought on this look - the kid needs a new suit, because he's outgrown this one. But, for the generation of extended childhood/childishness, I suppose it's appropriate."

I expected to see the overcoat mis-buttoned.

Maybe there IS Hope...

Amazon has a map of books sold in the last 30 days that shows the percentages of "Blue" books vs. "Red" books sold.  This may be a better poll than any other.  OTOH, it may show the Dems are doing homework.

Unbelievable, but I prefer the former (optimistic) thought.

Click caption to visit Amazon's "Election Heat" Map