Sunday, August 26, 2012

Isaac and Katrina

Forbes (at Drudge) reports that Isaac could rival Katrina.

Here's the track cone as of about 40 minutes ago:

I wonder if:

  ...people will actually evacuate this time?
  ...if the school buses will be used this time?
  ...the levees will hold this time.
  ...the Governor will ask the President to activate the National Guard?
  ...the FEMA response time will be any better?
  ...if the idiots who weren't prepared last time are any better prepared his time?

My bets:
  Doubt it.
  Jindal?  Yea, most likely he will understand that he has to do it in order to get
  the National Guard rolling.
  Doubt it (they were within normal operating parameters the last time - about a
  week to get boots on the ground.)
  Doubt it.

Stay safe and dry, everyone!

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