Thursday, May 21, 2015

L.A., Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties...

...from space.

If you know where to look, you can see some evidence of man - the scratches in the sand that are some of the freeways, for example.

But, wow. Never seen it this brown!


Found this at Sondrak's just now:

Looks like I need to spin up the smoker!

The original article mentions that the pineapple can make the meat "too tender".  I'm not sure that is possible. Both pineapple and papaya contain enzymes that break down collagens in meat. (Which is why raw pineapple keeps Jell-o from gelling.)

So, the meat is wrapped in a sweetening tenderizer.  Yow!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Between Muir and Drudge, I Want To Go Back To Bed... (Updated w/ Hillary video!)

...and pull the covers over my head.

Update: Mind. Boggled.

First, Drudge:

Then, Mr. Muir:

(Click on image for link, as Muir intended...)

Whom do we have to shoot? And when, as a country, are we going to get off our collective asses and do it.

No, not "civil" unrest shoot - that would be wrong and illegal, and I'm not advocating that. At. All.  Just giving voice to my fears and frustrations. T need the morning meds to kick in. Real. Soon!

Sunday, May 10, 2015


I've written here about Martha, the woman I think of as "Mom".  That is not to diminish in any way Gladys, the woman who is/was my biological mother, the one who helped bring me on to this interesting place we call United States, planet Earth.
Gladys with her first snowball?
Gladys was born in 1911, to her family who lived in Mazon, Illinois.  She had a brother, Everett,  and a sister, Dorothy. At some point in her life, she decided to pick up and move to Los Angeles, California. She worked as a secretary, and wound up working for Louis B. Mayer (the "Mayer" in Metro-Goldwin-Mayer, a.k.a "MGM"). I understand that she was responsible for taking deposits to the bank. (That bank was at the other end of the block from the one I worked at.) She also helped run his stables.  I'm pretty sure that was Mayer's horse stables, and not his stable of ladies who entertained visiting firemen (IYKWIMAIKYD).  On the other hand, it's an interesting speculation.

Somewhere in Los Angeles
I remember being told that she and Dad were introduced at a U.S.O. club, so I imagine Dad was on one of his postings in California. I also have in mind that she picked him up. Again, an interesting speculation. (By today's standards, both Gladys and Martha might be considered "cougars", Dad being seven years younger than Gladys, and six younger than Martha. Or maybe he just liked older women.)

They were married at Cathedral Chapel, a block north of Olympic on La Brea in L.A., in 1948.  I've always assumed that she moved in with him, at his place on Crenshaw Bl. Gladys became pregnant in '49, and Martha introduced them to the OB/GYN who delivered Lane and me.  Gladys fell prey to the perfect storm for pre-eclampsia: it was her first pregnancy, she was near 40, and it was a multiple birth. She could no longer clot blood, and so bled to death despite all efforts to save her.  Neither Lane nor I could clot, and I believe that was a major cause of his death.

George and Gladys
The wedding party. L to R, Jack Travers (Best Man), George, Gladys, unknown gentleman, Bessie Tidey (Maid/Matron of Honor), and two more unknown gentlemen.

I don't know at all if Bessie was married at the time or not. If she were, I have a hunch that the gentleman standing between her and Gladys is her husband, Cliff.  But I don't remember him as well as I do her.  Dad asked Jack and Bessie to be my Godparents when I was baptized.

The traditional cake smushing.
Post-nuptial beverage.
Meanwhile, elsewhere in the neighborhood...
The lovely young woman on the right, Betty, would soon become Jack's wife. One of the reasons was that she loved Cathedral Chapel, and the priest who given Gladys her pre-nuptual "Catholic lessons" was a nice guy, so she took her's there, and that's where they we married.

When I was about 40, Gladys' sister Dorothy passed away.  After she did, her daughter sent me a package of documents she found in Dorothy's desk that was addressed to me. In it was a hand-written account of what had happened. I may post that another time, as the spirit moves. (A little about that here.)

She and Lane are buried in Inglewood, at the Inglewood Park Cemetery, across the street from the old Inglewood Forum.

And, with all of that, I do have a connection to her.  She made sure that both Lane's and my first initials were "L. A.", because she loved Los Angeles. So that is my link to both her, and the city of my birth.

Thank you, Gladys.

Thursday, May 7, 2015


If you look at the location bar across the top of the blog, you might notice that I've added a 2016 Politics page.  For now, it is a simple collection of  links belonging to the announced candidates.  I'll update it as candidates announce and drop out.  I'll make sure to keep a list of the ones that bail, just for completeness.

There are way more candidates who have announced or who are "exploring" as you might know from the news.  I'm just keeping tract of ones I have heard about during the perusals of the sites I have listed in the right-hand column.

On the bottom of the new page are two links I found useful in this task.  They are sites that seem to do a reasonably sane job of listing the candidates and giving a description of each. The two sites list all declared and exploring candidates, plus a list of other parties running candidates:

They seem to be a one-stop shop for your basic candidate info.

I'll update this as events unfold, and as I feel moved to do so.  If this gets like 2012, this, along with Twitter, may absorb me into the collective.

Oh boy!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Pop Quiz

Ellison has a friend who's son is teaching a class on Introduction to Comparative Politics.  He was asked to add a bonus question to his final, which he did.  Here is the question:
Bonus Essay

Part I: Take one item from Column A and one item from Column B and do a comparative political analysis of the two, using an argument/theory/set of arguments that we have touched on this semester (midterm material is fair game here).

Part II: Choose one item from Column C and add it to your analysis from Part I. Would the argument change at all? How would item A and B deal with item C?

Be creative. If you can source from memory, do, but it will not hurt you not to source. Feel free to bring in culture, religion, economy, violence—anything; the world is your oyster on this one.

I'm, not going to spoil the surprise for you by listing columns A, B and C.

Click over to Lost In The Cheese Aisle and see for yourself!