Thursday, September 8, 2011

Yesterday's Drive to Work... comment necessary, except to say that this is PA 216 between Red Lion and I-83.

(Click == Bigger)

Looking West-ish.  Double the time, half again the miles.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

One Up, One Down...

Got into a bit of a snit about the contract job, and vented to the former co-worked who put me on to it.  She e-mailed back a detailed fisking of my e-mail, which filled in a number of gaps that I felt needed filling.  I hesitated to respond to it, because I wasn't sure she would get an accurate 'sense' of what I was trying to say.  (That is on me, not her, by the way.)  Anyhow, she e-mailed me this morning, saying that since she hadn't heard from me, she felt it necessary to hand my part off to someone else.  Sad, but not unreasonable on her part.

This was, however, offset by an offer to teach a class at another school, starting in October.  Which I will do.

And, the door is still open on the contracting gig, also starting in October.  I'll give her a call today.