Saturday, January 31, 2015

Important Safety Tip!

From the French.  Who should know.

Signs someone is flipping to the Dark Side (tm).

My French is *way* worse than my Spanish.  That said, it looks like (to me), from top left:
Rejecting parents.

Rejecting family members

Changes in eating habits

Dropping out of school

No longer listening to music

No TV or movies

Quitting sports

Changes in style of clothing

Interest in extreme social websites
Absent the rejection of media, it sort of sounds like adolescence.

From the ever-on-top-of-things Weasel Zippers!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Hello, Benny of PA!!

The pack has grown by one new member - Benny:

This is Benny on his way to his new foster home a couple of months ago.
He has fit right in. Suzu and Griffin did the obligatory olfactory check (as did Benny), and that was about it for the first encounter.

He's hopped up to join me on the couch a couple of times - he is a serious snuggle-bug.  Seems pretty bomb-proof, not easily startled. Barked as I walked along the side of the house, so I now have the guard dog/alert dog function covered.

He does like to bark when he's excited. He stops if I clap my hand or stamp my foot in front of him, so the should be an easy correction.  He does not like the stairs here, but then who does?  They have narrow streads, and are pitched at a 45 degree angle, so they are a challenge.

But!  He's here, he fits in, and seems to be quite happy!

Benny at home in the office.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Three Things...

...from the reading list.  

First, A Demon's Nest of Sentiments:

Next, Pastor Phil:

Finally, Chris Muir has the poster du jour:

See the whole thing at Day By Day Cartoon

Thursday, January 15, 2015

But wait, there's more...

Lest I forget:

Public Secrets reports: 
Once there was this neat thing called “Western Civilization,” which gave the world such wonderful ideas as human liberty, the worth of the individual, and the freedom to speak, write, and publish without the fear of being punished for what we say.
That was then, this is now:

And this, from Kate:

I clicked the link from RCP, because I couldn't believe the text was an accurate description of the headline. I screencapped the headline because I couldn't believe it was an accurate description of the piece. But when Sally Kohn is the author, all bets on sanity are off — so, yes, the headline and link both accurately reflect today’s pravda from her perch at CNN
I love a good juxtaposition (from Weasel Zippers):