Thursday, January 15, 2015

But wait, there's more...

Lest I forget:

Public Secrets reports: 
Once there was this neat thing called “Western Civilization,” which gave the world such wonderful ideas as human liberty, the worth of the individual, and the freedom to speak, write, and publish without the fear of being punished for what we say.
That was then, this is now:

And this, from Kate:

I clicked the link from RCP, because I couldn't believe the text was an accurate description of the headline. I screencapped the headline because I couldn't believe it was an accurate description of the piece. But when Sally Kohn is the author, all bets on sanity are off — so, yes, the headline and link both accurately reflect today’s pravda from her perch at CNN
I love a good juxtaposition (from Weasel Zippers):

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