Monday, January 27, 2020


I just got the following from my daughter. Please, prayers for her uncle.

Hi Dad,
In the last two weeks, my Uncle Kevin has been in and out of the hospital. He had a stent put in for a other than heart organ issue and went home. During that time other issues were found and he was in pain and weak. As of the other day, he is currently back in and is facing a diagnoses of pancreatic cancer. As you know, that is what my Grandpa was diagnosed with, and passed from, in 1995.
He is at Hoag Hospital where both Grandma and Grandpa were at before they passed.
As of news today, Kevin is in good spirits and joking, much better than the last few days. More tests to happen this week. Due to his health, chemo and radiation versus surgery are his options.
Please keep Kevin, and all of us in your prayers. We will know more this week to know what's possible but it is pretty scary and devastating.
I especially ask for your prayers and kindness for strength for my Mom. She is the go to sibling. And, as I imagine, very difficult to be again at Hoag where she lost her parents.
I ask for your prayers and strength for me as well.
Thank you all.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Merry Christmas

So, I have my wish list for Christmas/birthday parsed out over at Amazon, as I promised my daughter. The first round of shopping is done. Reminds me, I met a young woman the other day, as she was signing for a package. I asked her last name for my delivery app. She responded:
"Bezos. But I pay for Prime."
I'm once again posting the egg nog recipe, and this year, adding a bit of humorous parenting advice:

Ike's egg nog:

Parenting advice:

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Project Veritas vs Google

Both Google and Vimeo have taken down James O'Keefe's video on Google's manipulation of results so that someone like Trump is never elected again.



Project Veritas

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

But I Couldn't Prove It In Court

This was on Drudge today: Hospice Death Dreams Study  It found that dying patients have similar "dreams that aren't dreams" of being visited by loved ones who have previously passed.

What I 'know' about this comes from reports of people who were at a person's passing, and a 'similar-but-different' experience of mine, and that of a friend.

The first time I heard of anything like this was when my Grandpa died. I remember mom remarkinmg that he seemed at pease, and was smiling when he went. She said she thought it was because he could see Grandma and relatives waiting for him.

When I was about 13 or 14, Mom and I drove up to to see her cousin's daughter take vows at the Immaculate Heart Sisters' novitiate in Montecito. (And I'm pissed that I don't remember her name.)  We met, and started walking up the hill to the ceremony. My Novitiate cousin and I were chatting, and the subject turned to an end of life experience she had heard of. An aunt was dying, and her husband was racing to get to her before she passed. He saw, as the house came into view, light streaming from all of the windows. When he got into the house, he found his wife had passed just about the time the house came into view. And everyone there swore that most of the lights in the house had been off.

After her sister passed away, my friend Carole had a dream of her. As she told me, the dream wasn't a dream, she was talking with her sister about how she had passed.

And finally, my own experience - some time after my mom passed, I had a dream of having a conversation with her. It was short, and the only thing I remember was her telling my that I was going to be all right.

When I awoke from that dream, I realized that it was not like any other dream I had ever dreamt. It wasan actual conversation with Martha.  It felt "different".

I have had 'premonitions' that were true - a friend had called, and I "knew" it as I got a block or so from the house. When I came in, mom mentioned that my friend had indeed called.  This happened twice, and I have no explanation for it. All I knoew is that I was dead certain that my friend had called. I'm relating this just to show that the kind of certainty I experienced when mom visited me was neither unusual, nor surprisingly new.

I know that some medical profesionals have said that the 'moving to the light' experience can be explained by chemicals produced in the brain when a patient is near death or dying; and that it's just a function of physiology.  I do not know if this is just musing, conjecture, or is being studied. But I won't be surprised when someone uses it to explain what is documented in the Hospice Buffalo study.

Me, I have some conjectures and beliefs about it.  One conjecture: assume there are chemical processes in the brain associated with near death/dying, and that they are common phenomena. What if, instead of the chemical process causing the experiences the dying have, the chemical processes are caused by the "dreams that aren't dreams"?

Is my conjecture ameinable to evidentiary proof? Possibly, but I have no idea how go about it. Is my conviction that my conversation with mom wasn't a dream provable?  Same answer - I hve no idea how to prove it.

All I can say about my conversation with mom, and the other stories I've been told is I believe it. I spoke with mom.

But I couldn't prove it in court.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

(Bumped, Now More Than Ever!) Happy Holidays... which I mean:

Happy Thanksgiving

Merry Christmas

Happy New Year!

And, this:

I am told that this is President Eisenhower's recipe. Go. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Justice Kavanaugh Update With More Funny

I've followed the hearings the last couple of weeks, on Twitter. It was akin to watching a giant, pustulent boil burst, and the turn into an ope, weeping sore.  I confess that I felt a tremendous lightness when I heard the news (Drudge).  Twitter has opinions up the wazoo, as usual, and some pretty clever images.

but these two are what the whole furrball was about:

 Judge Kavanaugh swearing the Comstitutional Oath.  It's being administered by Chief Justice John Roberts, with his wife (holding the Bible) and daughters.

Here, he is taking the Judicial oath, being given by Retired Justice Kennedy, whom Justice Kavanaugh is replacing.

The to pics above  were taken  by Fred Schilling via the Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States.  HT @JusticeKavanaugh   (Not really Justice Kavanaugh)

OK, the funny:

This was posted w/ the caption stating Judge K. heading to his swearing in, which was a private ceremony.  He and Mr. Grassley are obviously going to have their own kegger, probably with 'Cocaine Mitch' and 'Take-No-Prisoners' Graham.

That's all, folks!

Well, not quite.


This one for the historical, yet cynical humor  I'd love to be a fly on the wall when they are sitting out on the patio by themselves, have a beer or more, telling confirmation hearing stories.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Buy A Nun A Book Day approaching once again - September 17.  Once again, I will be sending books to the good Holy Names Sisters who taught me in my callow youth.

It's a nice way to say "Thanks"!