Saturday, May 20, 2017

Friday Garden, with Impending Doom!

Rain and sun have done wonders for the garden. Doom after the fold.

Establishing shot:


Potatoes and peppers:

Potatoes and onions and garlic:




Potato flower:



Blackberry, again:

Impending Doom:

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Quick Note...

I picked up the new glasses on Sunday. The scales fell from my eyes, and I could see!

I suspect most of the problem was with the totally scratched lenses.

And, I  have an appointment with the opthamologist in August, for a consult about possible surgery.

The right eye, BTW, is doing fine. Slight tweak to the old prescription, nothing as catastrophic (my word) with what's going on with the left. I was watching the laptop reboot, and I noticed that  the row of dots Mint displays were reasonably clear for both eyes, with glasses. Without, the dots looked more like a row of half daisies. Actually, a pretty cool little pattern.

If I can duplicate it, I'll try and sketch it.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Back Aches and Fuzziness...

...aka "Encroaching Decrepitude."

The back has become troublesome again, in a slightly different place since the surgery. Occasional sciatica, fairly constant ache. Discussed it w/ the doc, and we agreed that  a couple of pics were in order.

 Result? Some disk degeneration, nothing to do about it.

Eye exam Monday. Vision in left eye continues to deteriorate. (I refer to that as "crashing".) Going to see an opthamologist in a couple of months for a consult. Cause is most likely cataracts, but is it time for surgery? Everyone I know who has had it done is enthusiastically positive about their results.

Not really worried about the repair, but disheartened by the incontroveritble evidence of age and mortality.

The black Dog has even paid some visits, when I've not started the day with the appropriate medications. When I don't, and he visits, it takes a good chunk of the day from me before the meds kick in and he is persuaded to leave. I know how that sounds almost "victim-y". My training in practical Christian metaphysics informs me that "I am in control", but it seems not of the Dog.

I am getting 'pings' from the Universe lately, on seeking help, and on courage. I haven't gone looking for them, they have found me. Bob Owens' sudden and apparent suicide Monday has prompted posts on getting help or finding someone to talk with. Most interestingly, a co-worker recently shared the story of some of his troubles with me, and was supportive when I told him about my crashing eye.

Found at Madam Scherzo's

My own Introversion and the practical Christian metaphysics I have learned leave me hesitant to find and join a church. I occasionally noodle with the idea of showing up a the local Catholic establishment, hearing a Mass, and most importantly, listening to a sermon or two to get a sense if I could be comfortable talking with one of the priests. (That was one part of Lent that never happened. I also resumed drinking after about three weeks. I did stay off Twitter the whole time, so there's that.)

Since there's no neat denouement to this post, I guess it just stops, for now.

More, later.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Green Poodles, Create!

Green Poodle Creations

My dear friend and 'land lady' has been running a web business for the last few years, under the name "Green Poodle Creations"("GPC"). She has lately gotten a burr under her proverbial saddle, and has a) done some major re-vamping, b) added several new product lines.

GPC is the umbrella organization, hosting the GPC Blog, the GPC Boutique, and the GPC Cookbook, all of which are linked on the side columns here.

Her craft work is folksy and funky, and definitely one-of-a-kind. I had some plain paper lampshades on my Amazon wish list, and found two of these on my front porch one day:

Way cuter, and way better than plain paper! I hope she adds something like these to her collection, soon.

She also has several coffee cup/mug designs that I love, too:

Stages of Coffee
Stages of Coffee
Time Travel

All of this is "print on demand", meaning the mug (or t-shirt) is printed up when you order and pay for it.

Speaking of t-shirts...

Go visit, say "Hi", and tell 'em leelu sent you!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Ain't technology great?

Lost my phone in one of the cars I drove yesterday at work. 

Discovered something interesting just now - I can track, lock, erase, and ping it from Google.

It is currently southbound on I-81, near Mt Crawford, Va (+/- 5 meters), locked and ringing.

I put a message on the screen that says: "I was lost  at MAA on Monday".

There's also a call button on the lock screen, with a friend's phone number. I want it back because it contains the last pictures I took of Baxter.

Sunday, February 26, 2017


Baxter and Friends, ca 2000

Most of last week was given to caring for Baxter as he was getting ready to go.He disappeared Sunday afternoon, and I didn't see him until I got home from work Monday evening. He had suddenly lost some more weight, as  well as the strength to climb up on the bed.

I don't know if one had to do with the other, but Griffin had gotten hold of him by the neck Saturday afternoon. Whatever the reason, he wasn't going out to eat and drink, so I sequestered him in a carry box, with food. He didn't eat, but did lick the gravy from the bowl. I moved him into the bathroom with food and water, which he proceeded to gulp mightily.

On Thursday, I fed him, and again he drank quite a bit of water. I went downstairs, and sat in my chair with him next to me. He went to sleep, and never woke again. I put him on the bed with me that night, and he was gone the next morning.

Baxter and Shin-Wa, ca 2000

What I miss the most is him hopping up on the bed, and perching on my hip as I go to sleep.

Bye, B'.