Thursday, May 7, 2015


If you look at the location bar across the top of the blog, you might notice that I've added a 2016 Politics page.  For now, it is a simple collection of  links belonging to the announced candidates.  I'll update it as candidates announce and drop out.  I'll make sure to keep a list of the ones that bail, just for completeness.

There are way more candidates who have announced or who are "exploring" as you might know from the news.  I'm just keeping tract of ones I have heard about during the perusals of the sites I have listed in the right-hand column.

On the bottom of the new page are two links I found useful in this task.  They are sites that seem to do a reasonably sane job of listing the candidates and giving a description of each. The two sites list all declared and exploring candidates, plus a list of other parties running candidates:

They seem to be a one-stop shop for your basic candidate info.

I'll update this as events unfold, and as I feel moved to do so.  If this gets like 2012, this, along with Twitter, may absorb me into the collective.

Oh boy!

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