Monday, May 4, 2015

Pop Quiz

Ellison has a friend who's son is teaching a class on Introduction to Comparative Politics.  He was asked to add a bonus question to his final, which he did.  Here is the question:
Bonus Essay

Part I: Take one item from Column A and one item from Column B and do a comparative political analysis of the two, using an argument/theory/set of arguments that we have touched on this semester (midterm material is fair game here).

Part II: Choose one item from Column C and add it to your analysis from Part I. Would the argument change at all? How would item A and B deal with item C?

Be creative. If you can source from memory, do, but it will not hurt you not to source. Feel free to bring in culture, religion, economy, violence—anything; the world is your oyster on this one.

I'm, not going to spoil the surprise for you by listing columns A, B and C.

Click over to Lost In The Cheese Aisle and see for yourself!

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