Saturday, August 6, 2011

Good News...

...the interview paid off. I am the shiniest new adjunct at my new school. There are two meetings I need to attend before class starts in September, and I have to re-wrap my head around 3D CAD modeling and all of the engineering stuff I soaked up for 20 years.

It's a newish facility, the oldest building is 20 years old. Beautiful campus. My new boss seems to be a nifty person, we seem to have hit it off. I'm teaching one section, two evenings a week for 15 weeks. From what I understand, the $$ is *way* better than adjunct pay at the last place I taught.

In other good news, I have a contract course editing gig starting in a couple of weeks as well. If the first go round is good, then I'll have two courses per month to edit for a while, which means I should be able to keep body & soul together.

Deo gratias!!