Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Big bada-boom!!

I was revisiting my dating profile, and came across this question.  You get to choose from a list of answers, then explain further.

In a certain light, wouldn't nuclear war be exciting?

 No, it wouldn't. 

In the late 80s, I worked at the missile factory that was directly across the street from the Naval Weapons Station. (They would neither confirm nor deny that they had nuclear warheads there.  But we were betting "Yes".)  I figured that, if the Russians pushed the button down, I'd call my daughter to say good-bye, then drive into the office, set my lawn chair out front, and have a scotch-rocks or two whilst watching the incoming.

I figured that being a few hundred yards from two major bull's eyes would pretty much insure that I'd be incinerated in a flash.  Radiation sickness is not something I want to do, if I can avoid it.



Mr. Bingley said...

I grew up in Vernon, NJ, during the 70s and 80s. For some reason there are many earth satellite stations there, so we always figured that we had several russkie ICBMs with our zip code on them. As you implied, that's oddly comforting.

leelu said...

Yes. My biggest fear was death thru radiation poisoning. I've read about it and it is *NOT* something I wish to experience. I doubt there's a requirement that one choose a painful death out of two options. I believe God would not condemn me for my choice to sit out with a scotch.

But I could be wrong.