Saturday, August 10, 2013

Conversation With A Friend Updated: Instructional Video

This started out as an email to some friends about this scale-model B-17 that's about the size of a Cessna 140.

As it happens, our exchange makes for an interesting post (reversed to chronological order:)

On August 9, 2013 at 10:58 AM rob  wrote:
Which leads me to a question, do you have any current hobbies? I guess the blog keeps you busy, but do you do any traditional hobbies (e.g., model building, stamp collecting, wood working, sewing, book club, etc.)? What are you in to these days?
To: rob
Subject: RE: Here is something you can do in your spare time....

My first answer would be "computers", but that is fading some.  Much less of a need to stay up with the curve these days.  Before the back detonated, I was teaching some basic computer classes at the library.  I'll probably e-start those in a month or so.  I've been gardening - just picked about 2 gallons of tomatoes yesterday.  And, I'm catching up on my fun reading.  Read a book called "Jack 1939" by Francine Mathews.  She re-works JFK's summer before senior year trip to Europe to research his senior thesis in to quite the spy/adventure novel.  Discovered she writes as mumble Barrett, doing a series of mysteries with Jane Austin as the detective.
I start PT 2 - 3X next week, so that should be a boost in getting me back to some sort of regular physical activity.  (Somehow, without trying, I've dropped 40 pounds since my melanoma removal!  275 => 235)
I read the internet a lot.  And yes, I'm a little B.F. stir crazy.  Need to explore the countryside some more.  Also want to get a shooting range membership.  Did I tell you that I now own a Springfield Armory Stainless Steel 1911 .45, and a Hi-Point .45 ACP carbine.  I have shooting to do!!  One can get a permit to use the target ranges at some of the state hunting grounds, but between the back and the weather ("mostly overcast, chance of showers and thunder storms"), that's not happening.  Doc doesn't want any sudden jarring on my spine, and .45 ACP has a habit of doing that.  Especially, I think, coming out of the carbine.  Sigh.
Oh... and I'm working on a plan to overthrow the government.  It involves lobotomies for just about all current office holders, reduction of the number of Cabinet positions, and a return to basic free market principles.  For starters.
How you two doing?? 
 On August 10, 2013 at 11:13 AM rob wrote:
It's really interesting to hear what you are up to. I'm still into programming and actually doing much more of it than I was at Boeing, where management is less about management and more about brown-nosing. Carole is still keeping her hand in real estate, but backing out slowly. Her daughter and her partner just had twins so Carole is getting more into that.
I admire your willingness to teach at the library. I just don't have the patience to teach, but I keep thinking that I should find something I could at least volunteer at.

After your PT is done we should talk. Your congressional lobotomy idea could fit into the killer robot idea that I'm working on. I was going to use a death ray in my robot but a lobotomy ray might be more humane after all.  (Let's see, we've mentioned death, killer, congress and guns. If the word "al-qaeda" shows up in this email it's bound to be picked up by the NSA.)

Deny everything.
My response this morning:
Dude, congress was just a start.
I think we could get by with a cabinet of DOD, DOJ, State, Transportation, and maybe Interior.  Make the idiots at TSA US Marshals, (real ones, with training and everything), put a couple on each flight originating in the US, one ICE agent every 1/4 mile along the Mexican border, w/ air and mechanized support.
Lots of training input from the Israelis.  In Costa Rica, *ALL* bags are searched, in front of you, before they can be checked in.
Oh, and listen when the Russians have something to say about potential terrorist activity, and follow up on it. 
Saw two Warthogs fly over this morning.  No big booms, so I guess everything was OK,
He responded:
Now you've done it. Expect to get audited next April.
And then, Mr Bingely takes the proverbial cake with this instructional video!

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