Monday, July 7, 2014

How I spent My Weekend

I was invited to 's place for BBQ on the 5th, provided I bring the .45 for some shooting.  I brought the 1911, and the Hi Point .45 carbine, just for completeness on the .45 part of the deal.

We had my two .45s, an AR-15, and a nice little laser-sighted .380.  Damage ensued:



Petey said he'd gotten them from a gal named "Lois", who used to work at the I.R.S. He said she was glad to get rid of them.

@DoreenHDickson showed up later. Embarrassingly and sadly, I had comsumed was too many "Chocolate Cake" shooters, and some interestingly nasty North Korean Ginseng liquor to be good company.

Which is why I don't keep the hard stuff at home.  Important safety tip.

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