Sunday, June 26, 2016

Random Brain Droppings...

...on millennials, and the law.

First, the millennials:

Airlines should offer millennial flights (or, someone should start 'Millennial Air'.)

  • All first-class seating
  • Free food - locally sourced, organic, all vegan
  • Free drinks - Pabst Blue Ribbon, and a wide selection of craft IPAs
  • Free wi-fi, with no connection to any triggers or micro-aggressions
  • Guaranteed safe space once on board and for the duration of the flight.
  • And, free airfare - all costs paid by the air crew, who are, of course, the 1%
  • All non, non-white passengers required to sit in the back of the plane
  • In coach seats
  • All non, non-white passengers required to shut the f*** up.
I know it makes  no sense. but then, look at the market.

On the law...

...started with this throw-away response:

Found this from @BobbiJoR to go with my morning coffee:

...and we're off:*

And it was about here that I got frustrated with trying to get her to clarify what she was after, which isn't germaine to this post. What it seemed to boil down to is this:
"I'm worried about lack of due process and too may laws."
 * I've reconstructed this as best I can, getting what I think is the gist of the conversation. Any errors are mine.

I'm poking about in her timeline, and it interesting stuff, but it seems incomplete:

Who are the other 8%? I'm thinking the "power players". My guess is 8% would be about right, since it seems most drug convictions wold be for possession/use.

My other guess is, most federal convictions are for white collar crime. Aaaand, the guess would be wrong, according to The Overview of Federal Cases, Fiscal Year 2012, Schmitt and Dukes, Office of Research and Data.  Interesting reading. I skimmed it, and I'm not sure if it refutes or supports @JessSmith_TPC or not.

Definitions are certainly in order, which is what irritated my in my exchange with @BibbiJoR. Here, I want to know the definition of "violent offense", and how many of those offenses were part of, oh, say, a drug offense. Thre is no category for 'violent crimes' in the Overview, so I'd like to know where @JessSmoth_TPC got that number. It does appear that the feds slice and dice their data in a myriad of ways, so she quite possibly has a report that I haven't found.

More importantly, I'd really like to know what #JusticeForAll is about. Time to poke around some more, after some needed work gets done.

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