Sunday, March 25, 2012

E-mail to a friend...

I write my friend in Ca from time to  time, and then realize it could be a post, so...

I'm sorry to hear about you losses.  Sadly, we are the age where that becomes more frequent.  It's weird being the 'elders' at family gatherings now.  I'm glad to hear that your parents are still with you.  Why is your mom in hospice?  And, how is your dad?  Tell them I said "Hello", please.

I'm doing OK.  Met a nice lady on line... we've gotten together a few times in the last month - 1/2 and enjoyed it.  Just hangin' together, but it's been fun.  No rush to take anywhere in particular, which is nice.  I finally found a decent MD, and I'm back on NSAIDs for arthritis in my hands, so I haven't been hurting so much since the first of the year.

Working at two schools as an adjunct, looking for more class hours, or, better yet, a full time gig w/ bennies.  The new doc wants me on Lipitor, but I can't afford it right now, what with the head and hand meds.  He does have me on low-dose aspirin, and I'm generally in good shape.

Arrgh!  Sound like an old guy, talking about all this health shit.

Going to make a business proposal to my lady friend - she has been very successful in sales, and I'm going to ask her if she would try to sell me as a consultant to local small businesses.  I'll go back to being a computer geek whore, and she can be my pimp.  I got a call out of the blue Friday... someone in the DC area code wanted to know if I'd like to be a UG drafter for him.  Going to call back Monday.

Well, that's about it.  Did I send you the link to Eric Raymond's political manifesto?  If not, it's on the blog.  You guys ought to take a look at it.

Say "Hello" to your lovely wife for me!


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