Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bits and Pieces...

For starters, my first lesson for the Education Portal has been published.  For a definition of "programming", got here: Introduction to Programming

Next, I got my License to Carry today!  Amazingly, I sent the application in yesterday, and got an e-mail early this afternoon to go up to the Sheriff's office to pick it up.  He said they were processing about 100 per day.  And that's just York County!

Finally, this, from Holger Awakens:

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Executive Order On Gun Violence? Oh Really....


To: Governor ______________
Rep. __________________
Senator ________________
Senator ________________
State Rep. ______________
State Sen. ______________

From:  (Your Name)
CC: Sheriff ________________

RE: Executive Order Regulating/Banning Firearms in America

I am writing today to remind each of you that any executive order issued by President Barack Hussein Obama dealing with regulating or banning firearms in the United States of America is not a law. An executive order does not follow the constitutionally mandated method of enacting laws in this country and in regards to firearms, the 2nd amendment to the U.S. Constitution forbids the infringement of the Federal government on the right of the people to bear arms.

Thus, I am insisting, as a citizen of the State of ___________ and a citizen of the United States of America, that you, as my representatives in a constitutional republic, communicate clearly to me and the other citizens of this state that such an executive order is null and void in this state. I further expect you to enact legislation that spells out in no uncertain terms that the County Sheriff of the counties of this state must prepare a plan to defend the citizens from any sort of harassment, threat or encroachment by any Federal law enforcement official.

I will not follow any such executive order issued and it is your responsibility to be sure that no citizen of this state is duped into believing such an order to be valid.


( Your Name)

 And, that's been my day!!

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