Sunday, January 20, 2013

I guess the lawyers have finally managed... teach everyone else to eat their young.

From The Anchoress:

Not everyone is into political issues, or keeps up with them, and my husband has a limited attention span for news articles on issues that have promised “nothing new” for the last few decades. For that reason, and although he is strongly pro-life, articles touching on the issue rarely get his attention: there’s a lot of yelling on all sides, but few if any saying anything new.
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is helping to change that, by saying something new, extreme, and rather shocking, and by trying to codify his new words into law. Deacon Greg Kandra sums it up in a particularly good homily:
. . .In New York City today, 40% of all pregnancies, nearly half, end in abortion.
Among minorities, it’s as high as 60%. In some neighborhoods, it’s 67%. And that’s just the beginning. To some, it seems, that’s not enough.
In Albany two weeks ago, the governor of this state proposed an abortion bill that threatens to make New York the bloodiest state in the union.
It would permit unlimited late term abortion on demand – right up to the ninth month.
It would allow people who are not doctors to perform abortions.
It would declare that the “state shall not discriminate” against the right to abortion, a declaration that could threaten the very existence of Catholic hospitals. Long Island alone is home to six hospitals that could be crippled by having Medicare funds withheld if they refuse to comply.
If enacted into law, this bill would declare that abortion is a fundamental right that cannot be denied. No parental notification for minors, no limits on taxpayer funding of abortion, no limits on late-term abortions.
 When I was 16, the hospital my mom worked at shout down the maternity ward (1966 - end of the baby boom).  She found a new job at a Catholic run maternity home.  We moved into a house that was across the street from the hospital, so I got  to see a lot of the "young mothers".

They came from all over the country.  It gave them and their parents a chance to save face - "Oh, Patty is going to school in California for a year."  Which was true.  I saw them crossing the street to school as I was coming and going.  So, the home provided a place to live, school, and a hospital where a young girl could have her baby.  They were also given counseling by social services workers.  Most of the babies were adopted.

The home is still there, and it's gotten larger. 

And yet, more and more every day, we are killing our unborn children in ways that would loudly be declaimed as "inhumane" if we executed murders, or put down our pets in the same way.

Our government is warring against our children, but not against those who threaten us.

It's that simple.


Jewel said...

My brother and his wife were house parents for unwed mothers at House of His creation, a Mennonite/Evangelical ministry for young women to live while they finish alternative high school. The high school is at the mall, where their babies are cared for in the day care center next to the school rooms. Most of the kids attending the high school there are young mothers.
Most of them just go on welfare anyway, and 99 percent are black. They go on welfare because it doesn't profit them to work. Some have other children, and as long as the state is their provider, there is no financial reason for them to get off welfare. Needless to say, almost all the things they learn in order to become self-sufficient, is tossed to the curb when Big Sugar Daddy Government keeps them in fur-lined chains of subsistence.

leelu said...

Hey, Jewel,

Don't know about the follow up stats. The girls generally did not keep the babies, but gave them up for adoption. Mostly light skinned, as I recall.

It seems from what I was told, the idea was to have the baby in California, then come back home as if nothing that serious had actually happened.

Of course, this was pre-war on babies, there was no financial incentive to keep said baby, and it was, after all, the Catholics.