Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Chinatown, Redux???

Remember that movie?  Where the developers were diddling with L.A.'s water supply, so the could drive off the farmers and build the San Fernando Valley?

Fast-forward to the two-inch bait fish that's just about got all the water turned off in the former breadbasket known as California's Central Valley.  Oh,and a multi-billion dollar clusterf**k boonedoggle of a useless high-speed rail line.

Palmdale to Sacramento??  You realize that in the time it took you to get from L.A. to Palmdale, you'd be halfway up I-5 to Sacto, wihout having to drive to Palmdale.

  Historically, Palmdale is where over-priced public works go to die.  We can only hope for the sake of what's left of California, it applies this time, too.

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