Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Obscure Reference??

Chris Muir has an good roundup of just how incestuous the relationship between the White House and the MSM is.  He also has a possibly obscure geek reference:

From http://www.daybydaycartoon.com/
I refer you to the Oracle of Bacon for understanding.  The default will tell you how many actors separate Kevin Bacon from any given actor.  For example, if you put in "Elvis Presley" you will find that they both worked with John Wheeler of different movies (a Bocon Number of 2).  If you want to know, click the "How It Works" tab on the left.  Mark Ruffalo worked with him on the same movie, for a Bacon number of 1.

Warning:  Can be a serious Time Waster!


ZZMike said...

For the real geek reference, see Erdos number

"... is the number of "hops" needed to connect the author of a paper with the prolific late mathematician Paul Erdős."

leelu said...


Obscure, indeed But is there a database to go with it??