Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I was the house husband during the spring and summer of the televised Watergate hearings, so I got to watch them live on TV.  Sam Ervin was my favorite and my hero.  "English is my mother tongue..." is my favorite quote of his.  What is starting to foment/ferment around the Obama administration, what with Benghazi, the IRS' harassments of patriots and Jews, the DOJ's AP phone grab and gun walking, the DOE's green money dump, HHS' "fundraising",  and God-knows-what-else, is starting to look, feel and sound like the run up that old summer-time hearing.

I knew Nixon was doomed the day my mom, a staunch supporter, said to me "He must have known..."  Well, mom is gone, so I don't have that barometer.  Had she been here in 2008 and 2012, I doubt she would have voted for Obama, and I bet she would have said "He must have known..."as soon as she heard the YouTube BS.  OTOH, the stirring of the old media could mean the almost the same thing, "Did he know?  And if so, when?  Was it at his order?"

Popcorn.  We're going to need lots and lots of popcorn.

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