Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hometown Movies

Stumbled across this list in Timeout: Los Angeles called "Los Angeles movies: 50 films that best capture the essence of LA". While it didn't cause me to be homesick, it did renew my interest in having my own "L.A. Movie Marathon".

The list covers films from the 1940's up through2011, covering a broad range of directors, actors, and topics, from "The Big Sleep" to "L.A. Story", "Chinatown" to "Them!". If you are film junkie, it's a good quick read. Where ever possible, it has links stream and/or purchase the film.

My daughter and I bounced some emails back and forth about the list, and the aforementioned marathon. I told her I would put together a list of films that I have that would be covered under the umbrella of an L.A. Movie Marathon.  I just now finished the list, and voila':
2 Days in the Valley
Be Cool
The Big Sleep
Blade Runner
Buckaroo Banzai
Get Shorty
The Holiday
into the night (Yes, the title *is* lower case )
Disney's The Kid
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
L.A. Confidential
L.A. Story
The Player
Real Genius
Salton Sea
Tequila Sunrise
(Italics == listed in the article)
Need to add Chinatown, The Big Lebowski, The Long Goodbye, To Live and Die in L.A., and maybe Repo Man, The Limey, L.A. Plays Itself, and Less Than Zero

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