Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Excrement... (Updated with the movie trailer!)


Guess now we find out what kind of President Obama really is.


USA Today:
"Egyptian demonstrators climbed the walls of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo today and pulled down the American flag to protest a film they say is insulting to the prophet Mohammad."

Weekly Standard quotes the U.S. Embassy:
"The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions. Today, the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, Americans are honoring our patriots and those who serve our nation as the fitting response to the enemies of democracy. Respect for religious beliefs is a cornerstone of American democracy. We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others."  (My emphasis.)

So, we're apologizing, it seems.   Guess now we know.

Update II

Here's what the whole shitstorm is about:

Update III:

The Denver Post did not link the trailer, but it did give the names of the two men who produced it and promoted it:  Sam Bacile and Morris Sadek.  

The Post also noted: " A YouTube spokesman said the website would not take down the video at this point. The spokesman said the website's policy is to remove videos that include a threat of violence, but not those only expressing opinions. 

'We take great care when we enforce our policies and try to allow as much content as possible while ensuring that our Community Guidelines are followed,' the YouTube representative said. 'Flagged content that does not violate our Guidelines will remain on the site.' "  Bless their little hearts. 

As some of you may have gathered, I went to Catholic school from grade school thru college.  When I was in high school, we were taken to the Cinerama Dome to see "The Greatest Story Even Told", a movie about the life of Jesus.  We didn't feel it necessary to go burn down the studio that made it.



Rodger the Real King of France said...

That movie is suck.

ZZMike said...

Obama really earned that Nobel Peace Prize they gave him.

leelu said...

Arm the Nobel Committee and have them retrieve it!

leelu said...

Yup. And Bacile wants to do 200 HOURS of it.

Sad when amateurs play at film making.