Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Apparently. Bibi, not Obobo

From ABC:

KABUL – Al Qaeda has released a new video of American hostage Warren Weinstein delivering a personal message to Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu.

In the video, Weinstein, 71, believed to be held in the tribal regions along Pakistan's border with Afghanistan, appears healthy and calm, speaking in a soft, controlled manner.

"Unfortunately President Obama and the American government have shown no interest in my case," Weinstein says in the video, seated on a chair with his back slightly slouched, wearing a thin white t-shirt.
"Therefore, as a Jew, I'm appealing to you, Prime Minister Netanyahu, the head of the Jewish state of Israel, one Jew to another, to please intervene on my behalf."
In May, Al Qaeda released another video of Weinstein, in which he appealed directly to President Obama to intervene for his release. He said his captors' demands included an end to U.S. airstrikes, and the release of Al Qaeda members in prison. 

Lotta good THAT did, huh??

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