Friday, September 14, 2012

WTF... (Updated w/ Drudge, now with Steyn!) Obama doing?

I agree.  As I said at the Coalition, I went screaming past embarrassment a long time ago. Felt it with the first bow.

Now, I oscillate between appalled and furious.

Here's the haps in Arab Spring (Opposite) World:

(Oh, and our credit rating took another hit, by the way...)

 Nothing on the White House official site:

 and nothing on his schedule:

I've done a quick scan of Fox, ABC and MSNBC, and meeting the bodies is as close to Doing Anything that he's doing.  I can only assume he will follow the schedule as planned.

Gots him some flesh pressin' to do at 7:00.

Am I missing something?  Maybe this would help:

Personally, I think having him write it out, longhand, as many times as it takes, until he can recite it (and *all* the amendments).

It would keep him out of trouble for a while.


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