Sunday, October 7, 2012

Addition to the Reading List

I've been an on again, off again reader of Velociman.  As a result, I haven't linked to him before, because he can be, well, a bit out there.  If not downright heated and sometimes vulgar (you have been warned).  On the other hand, I've noticed how this place is trending lately, what with the election and all.  I've been venting a bit, too. 

What changed my mind is his post on reparations for slavery.  It's stupid and idiotic.  (Reparations, that is, not Velociman's post!!)  Reparation is to repair the damage done by one's sins.  Give back things that are stolen.  Public apology for slander.  The death penalty.  But asking me to pay for someone else's sin of slavery is just plain stupid and wrong.  I've never owned any slaves.  I don't plan on owning any slaves.  No one in my family, as far as I can tell, has ever owned slaves.  So, fuck off!  (You see what I mean about how I'm trending... .)

Go read it, and his other good stuff.

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