Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mr. Bingley...

...On. A. Roll!!

"I love how Sullivan, who 10 years ago I admired and supported, goes on about Obama’s “admirable record” and how he represents “reality-based government.”
Look at this chart and tell me again about “reality.”

What planet is he from?

How can any one, any one, look at the record of the past four years and say “this guy has done well”? You can scream about “Bush’s Two Unfunded Wars” as the cause of our budget mess; fair enough but then you need to look at the numbers: during the height of these wars our budget deficits averaged a couple of hundred billion dollars per year. Damn scary and unsustainable numbers I fully agree. So to correct this in a “reality based” way Obama has created deficits averaging 1.2 trillion, and the projections are for these types of numbers for the next few years at least. Furthermore his policies have destroyed US savings income, completely and totally. His economic team has forced everyone to invest fully in the Stock market. Remind me again who’s the Party of Wall Street? The economic security of seniors under his administration has been decimated, plain and simple, by their policy of suppressed interest rates. How anyone living on a fixed income could support this record astounds me.

Another complaint against Bush was the erosion of civil liberties engendered by the rise of Homeland Security, TSA and cries of an “Imperial Presidency.” Valid points all. Homeland Security and TSA should be eliminated. After four years of Hope and Change can anyone say with a straight face that Homeland Security, TSA or the Patriot Act in any way, shape or form have been in any way reined in? Not only have these agencies actually expanded their (over)reach in the past four years but we now also have a government agency that has directly caused the murders of hundreds of Mexican citizens and at least one US citizen via its Fast and Furious gunrunning operation. We have a government that wants to control information flow on the internet and have a kill switch on it. Speaking of Kill Switches and Imperial Presidents, we have a President who has asserted his prerogative to summarily order the execution of US citizens overseas. We have a President who is lauded by the press for his end-runs around Congress to appoint extra-Constitutional “Czars” to implement his policies, a President who refuses to meet with Congressional leaders of the other party then decries “gridlock and intransigence” and does what he wants via Executive Order. An Administration that has through its naive incompetence created the conditions that allowed an Ambassador and three other US citizens to be brutally murdered and then has obfuscated and seemingly disseminated a series of knowingly false stories to cover-up its involvement and actions.

Again, look at the record and tell me how this man, this Administration, this philosophy deserve another four years."

I have nothing to add.


Mr. Bingley said...

aw *shucks*

ZZMike said...

From a letter-writer in my local paper: "Obama's trying real hard. Give the guy a chance."

He's had four years, and only made things worse. Time for the next pitcher.