Saturday, February 16, 2013

Updated!! Hello and Welcome, Sarah Hoyt!

 Update:  I heard from Sara yesterday.  She apparently had an horrific Christmas, followed by a mad rush to get a manuscript for yet another book - Noah's Boy - to the publisher.  We agreed on a post about gun control.  Hers is a different take, colored by her experience growing up in Portugal.  I'll post it tomorrow, so ya'll come back, hear?!

I was introduced to Sara Hoyt through the P.J. Media blog.  Sara posts there, as well as holding down two blogs of her own, According to Hoyt and Sara A

Smiling Sarah A. Hoyt!

At P.J. Media and According to Hoyt, she writes thoughtful, profanity free posts on politics and literature.  The Sarah A Hoyt site is devoted to pimping her novels such as Darkship Thieves, and Shifters, as well as her boatload of short stories.  She also is posting a chapter a week of her new novel, which you can read for free here: Witchfinder

She appears here because she is on a virtual book tour for her newest book, Darkship Renegades, the second novel in the Darkship series, which is being released this Tuesday, December 4.

I don't have a clue as to what Sarah may decide to grace leelu's place with, and I'm sure it will be good!  Watch  this space!!

Go. Read.  Enjoy!

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