Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Washing Cats...

...and four year olds.

Got this link from one of my Boeing friends:  
 Oakland Cat Stuck in Washer, Survives Cycle 
...which started a small, dark e-mail thread:

 I replied:

When I first got Shin-wa, he was very interested in the dishwasher.  He would hop in and poke around.  I was afraid of locking him in for a cycle, so, one day, when I had it open and empty, he happened to hop in.  I shut the door, and 'bumped' the lever that locked and started the machine, just enough for it to make the noise it did.
I opened the door.  Shin-wa stood rock still, blinked twice, and popped out, never to enter the machine again. 

Shin-wa, the Quick Learner
 One of my other friend replied to the original:

Sounds like something that could catch on. Since it works with cats, why not difficult to clean 4-yr-olds, too.
...to which I replied:
Rob - four-year-olds are generally too big for a top loading machine.  If you have a front loader, it might work, depending on the size of said four-year-old.
I preferred to strap them to the top of the car and take it and them through the car wash.  Of course, you have to flip 'em and go thru again, which is why I used the automated self-service washes.
It was easier when I had the old Subaru "Brat".  It was a small pick-up with seats in the back.  Made it much easier...
More as it breaks.

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