Thursday, February 14, 2013

Letter to Scott Kurz - Updated

Update -  Scott replied to my e-mail:

I'M catholic. I'm mocking my own religion. I'm not singling out anyone but myself and the dogma I was raised in.
 Not much of an answer, I guess.  But , hey, it's his strip.

I wrote  this to him after reading today's strip.  If I receive an answer, I shall post it.

Hello, Scott,

I've been reading PvP since I discovered it quit a few years ago, and have read the entire canon.  I truly enjoy your work, and miss it when you are unable to get it posted.

Yet, I have to take issue with the Holy Ghost/Pope story today.  First, we generally refer to it as  the Holy "Sprirt", to avoid cliche' associations with Casper, Ghost Busters, and others of that ilk.  Second, the Holy Spirit is regarded as the source of spiritual wisdom and guidance, so it would be natural for the conclave to pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance.  Since prayer is a form of meditation, it is a process of opening one's self up to the Holy Spirit, to recieve needed guidance.

Anyway..., are you going to Hell for this strip?  I doubt it.  Will you lose readers over it?  Maybe one or two.  Invective?  Possible, but unlikely.  However, since it is considered near hate speech to say words like "fag" or "queer" in contexts other than their meanings of a "burning  bundle of kindling", (or "cigarette"), and "odd" - a good thing, too, I respectfully request that you extend the same courtesy and respect to Catholics and their faith.

This one goes much deeper into bad taste than the usual "fart and dick jokes".
I have a guess or two about this one, based on the inference that he is gay.  He has posted some pics of himself with his partner (mentioned, I think, only in the context of their work together).  That said, Scott is often looking at Kris the way I look at Te'a Leone.  But I'm just  guessing, and willing to be wrong.  The "go-to" guess is, of course, the Church's stance against homosexuality (but not against homosexuals), and the attendant refusal to consider sanctifying gay marriage.

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