Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Racist Cookies

Oreos were my favorite cookie when I was growing up.  Being a touch OCD, I would eat them three at a time, so the three rows in the bag would always be even.

As I got older, I learned that "Oreo" had a connotation other that a tasty, creme filled cookie.  It also referred to a black person who was really "white" on the inside.  Dr. Benjamin Carson, Mayor Mia Love, Sen. Tim Scott, (C), S.C., and Allan West, to name just a few.  (I suspect  that Dr. Martin Luther King would be on the list, if he were alive a preaching what he preached in the 60s).  Don King, Karl Malone, Harriet Tubman,and the Rock are all mentioned in a HuffPo article as being Republicans (as was Dr. King.)

This, however, is not a label that would apply to our President.  Yes, he may be a half-and-half kind of guy, but is innermost self is definitely not white.  Which brings me to what I found in the local Giant on my last trip out:

Pink filled Oreos.  As you can see, there is a "plain vanilla" Oreo, for those of us who are white both on the inside and the outside.  There was also a double-decker - cookie, vanilla filling, cookie, chocolate filling, cookie.  A more appropriate symbol for our president's ethnicity, I suppose. But the pink filling hit the spot, in a way that the term "red diaper baby"was applied to children raised in the U.S. by Communists.  So, we have a pink Oreo president.

Is anyone surprised?

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