Friday, September 6, 2013

Stolen From Gerard


Things that are true but must never be spoken for fear of penalty: Some other hatefacts - things that are true but must never be spoken for fear of penalty:
  • Native Americans were not living in peace and oneness with the environment before Europeans arrived in America.
  • Men are raped more often than women in America - in prison; the Justice Department estimated that over 200,000 rapes of men happened in 2008 alone.
  • Gun ownership has skyrocketed in America, but gun crimes dropped - and the tougher the gun laws, the more gun crime an area suffers.
  • On average, men test 5 points higher on IQ than women.
  • Groups of young black men are attacking whites due to racial hatred, and the incidents of this have exploded in frequency and number since Obama became president.
  • For the last fifteen or more years, the average warming on the planet has been .05 degrees per decade... plus or minus .08 degrees.  As in no warming, or even cooling.
  • On average men are better than women at mathematical skills.
  • Homosexuals are much m ore likely to suffer from and transmit sexually transmitted diseases than normal people.
-- Word Around the Net: HATEFACTS AND HERESY

My log for the fire is this one: Asians have a higher average I.Q. than whites, who have a higher average I.Q. than blacks.  It's only a coupe of points either side of us whites, but, still.  Dunno about Hispanics.

I'm hoping to get a place next to Gerard in Hell.  You know it's where we're going for this.

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