Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Spam du Jour!

Lucky me!!


I am Mrs. Suzanne.. the wife of the former Egyptian leader, Hosni Mubarak who is currently on house arrest and facing a retrial on charges of complicity resulting from political turmoil during the 2011 uprising which was fabricated without evidence. the government has seized everything we have here and prevent us from traveling out of Egypt.

As a result of this, I need somebody outside Egypt to represent my interest to manage our reserved funds value (150,000,000.00 U.SD) in long-term business venture especially in public and private business (including real estate investment,

I am willing to negotiate with you how much i will offer you to handle this for me after your acceptance.And the legality and movement of the (150,000,000.00 U.SD) shall or will be duly follow in due course.

Yours Faithfully,
 I figure 10% sounds about right, no??

1 comment:

ZZMike said...

It was really helpful to include the ".00" in the figure. He wouldn't want somebody to be cheated out of, say, $0.27, in the transaction.

However, points off for "U.SD".

And for "the government has seized everything we have", which, ordinarily, would include the $150 million.